Project Overview

Sub-Project 3 – Teachers' Attitudes, Motivations and conceptions of Quality and Barriers to Open Educational Resources in India

Open Educational Resources (OERs) have emerged as one of the most innovative teaching and learning practices as well as a cost-effective mechanism to improve the quality of educational offerings by optimizing the use of available resources. While OER can be used by any university, universities depending upon packaged learning materials can use OER to improve their cost-efficiency. Teachers are central to creation and use of OER; therefore, it is necessary to understand teachers’ psychological and behavioural determinants that may influence their use of OER. There is a need to understand why some teachers share their teaching and learning material while others remain reluctant. Therefore, there is a need to understand how teachers’ pre-disposition and their espoused views about pedagogical practices and innovations determine their OER practices. This sub-project would investigate the psychological as well as practical aspects of teachers’ engagement with the concept and practices of OER at the individual and institutional level. The results of the study will assist policy-makers and institutional leaders to design effective strategies to integrate OER into teaching and learning practices by considering teachers’ conceptions about quality and other barriers to OER adoption. It will also guide capacity development activities by identifying motivators and positive pre-disposition needed to promote effective use of OER. If OER have to be mainstreamed into teaching and learning in higher education, it is necessary to understand what motivates teachers to share their work with others.